About Spectrum

William S. Lund, son-in-law of Walt Disney, and a Director of the Disney Trust had a vision to create a master planned community in Gilbert, Arizona that would be created out of a rich, rural culture to promote a carefree lifestyle for its residents. In 2003, Mr. Lund’s vision became a reality with the creation of the Spectrum at Val Vista.

The Spectrum at Val Vista is a master planned community whose goal is to embrace the philosophy of new urbanism.This philosophy brings residents out of their homes to join their neighbors, while remaining within their own community.The residential community is located on 1,156 acres of rural land with a 3,800 square foot community center located in the heart of the community in the main park. Spectrum provides large parks with ample opportunity for recreation and social events, twelve distinctive neighborhoods, pedestrian friendly environments, as well as office and commercial facilities.Upon completion of the community Spectrum will consist of 1,995 residences which will include single family homes, patio homes and luxury apartments.

During the formation of the Spectrum at Val Vista the Town of Gilbert advised Mr. Lund that he may precede with the development; however, they did not have sufficient water to provide to the community for landscape irrigation purposes. Thus, Mr. Lund created the Spectrum Irrigation Water Delivery District. The District conveys landscape irrigation water to an area covering approximately 2,200 acres within the Spectrum at Val Vista. The District delivers water from a booster pump station through an extensive distribution system to all areas within the development. 

The Spectrum at Val Vista also consists of the San Tan Motorplex which is anticipated to be one of the nation's highest grossing automotive sites with more than 45,000 cars being sold annually. The Motorplex resides on 120 acres which will be the largest auto mall in Arizona. The San Tan Motorplex is estimated to provide the Town of Gilbert with $60 million in sales tax revenue over the next 10 years. The revenue collected will be used to fund essential town services such as police and fire, as well as quality of life enhancements including parks and libraries. If you'd like more information on the San Tan Motorplex, please visit their website at http://www.santanmotorplex.net/.

Nestled on the south side of the Spectrum at Val Vista is the Gilbert Medical Campus. The campus consists of ten owners and the association is responsible for the landscape maintenance of nine street medians that reside through the heart of the campus.

Another key feature of the Spectrum at Val Vista community is the Medical Plaza at Spectrum. The plaza sets forth 16 commercial condo buildings. The plaza provides the Spectrum residents with pediatric care, retina specialists, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, cosmetic dentistry as well as Hospice of the Valley. In an effort to build long-lasting partnerships, the plaza owners and tenants are invited to participate in Spectrum events so they can inform residents about the exceptional medical care offered.

With all of these entities combined, Mr. Lund and the Disney Trust's vision has come full circle. The Spectrum at Val Vista master-planned community provides the Town of Gilbert an upscale, fully functional community where residents literally can live, work and play all within their community.